Every pet owners' must have!!

😍 This Glove is Amazing !


My cat hates to be crushed! She's a long hair and constantly throws up hairballs! The school of sounded like a good idea because she loves to be petted. It works like a dream ! Hair comes off the glove easily and she allows me to brush her thinking she's getting petted. 😊😊

Lucie S.

WE love using the glove on our cats. It has removed so much hair that would later collect around the house.

Cindy P.

Yes yes yessssss! My girls were a little wary, but after a handful of test pets they flopped down and just purred. As the picture shows, it'll definitely help remove the shedding fur. Sizing is great! I have man sized hands and usually wear a large and it fits comfortably! 10/10 would recommend!!

James W.